Hard Work, Rewarded
Seeing students graduate is a rewarding experience for our whole community of educators, parents, and students. Everyone is highly invested, and works incredibly hard throughout the school year to help students succeed. A bright, shiny diploma at the end makes it all worth it. Full-time students typically participate in our spring commencement ceremony, where they are recognized for their academic achievement.

Graduation Requirements
Full-time students with NUVHS complete a minimum of six courses per semester, or 12 courses in a year. Students must complete a total of 230 credits in the listed subjects in order to meet minimum graduation requirements (based upon Education Code 51225).

However, students seeking to apply to four-year universities are strongly encouraged to pursue additional credits, complete academic electives, and select Advanced Placement (AP) options, when available, to meet college entrance requirements.

Full-time students are required to achieve a passing grade in each of the following courses for graduation:

English: 40 credits
English 9 A/B 10 credits
English 10 A/B 10 credits
English 11 A/B 10 credits
English 12 A/B 10 credits
Math: 30 credits
Algebra I A/B 10 credits
Algebra II A/B 10 credits
Geometry A/B  10 credits
Social Science: 30 credits
World History A/B (grade 10) 10 credits
U.S. History A/B (grade 11) 10 credits
American Government (grade 12) 5 credits
Economics (grade 12) 5 credits
Science: 20 credits
Biological Science 10 credits
Physical Science  10 credits
Physical Education: 20 credits
Visual and Performing Arts (grade 9): 10 credits
Foreign Language/Arts: 20 credits
Electives: 60 credits

At NUVHS, we’re committed to your child’s education—whether he or she is a full-time or part-time student. Teachers frequently meet with students, and take the time to understand goals, and help in working toward achieving them. Academic advisors and counselors are also readily available to provide guidance and advice.