Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition & Scholarships

What’s the Cost?
A good education that propels your child to a promising future is essentially invaluable. NUVHS is a non-profit organization that, unlike public schools, receives no government funding. We do, however, offer affordable tuition rates, and several scholarship options.

Tuition rates and fees are as follows:
College Prep Courses: $310 per semester course*
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: $395 per semester course*

* Yearlong courses identified with “A & B” indicators consist of two separate semester long courses, each requiring a separate enrollment and tuition fee.

Course Textbooks: Please refer to the NUVHS Textbook List to determine if your course requires the purchase (or rental) of a traditional hard copy textbook. Students are responsible for costs associated with course required textbooks.

Materials Fee: $60/course (Effective 2017 Fall Term for some courses. Please refer to the current NUVHS Course Approval Chart for specific courses.)

For all NUVHS students, there is a non-refundable admissions application fee of $60.

Math and Science Scholarships are available for select students, or partnering schools. Students who qualify receive a minimum of $25 for math or science courses.

To be considered for a scholarship, please submit the following:

  • Online Admissions Application
  • Course Transferability Verification form (for students who wish to transfer NUVHS credits to their primary high school)
  • Scholarship Application with supporting materials, including a one-page essay

To apply for a Math and Science Scholarship, download and complete the scholarship application. Applicants will be evaluated, and then notified by email whether they will be granted the scholarship. Scholarships are also available to partnership organizations that assemble cohorts of students for classes. In this case, scholarships may not require a written essay, but can be approved based on recommendations from the high school principal or school counselors.

For other questions on tuition or scholarships, please contact us today.

Tuition Refund Policy
Students are accepted and registered for classes with the understanding that they will remain for the entire course. Faculty contracts and the commitment of other NUVHS resources are made on that assumption, creating obligations that are not relieved when students withdraw. NUVHS refund policy is designed such that students who withdraw from a course share in the costs incurred. Tuition refund calculations are based on the date and time a parent/guardian informs NUVHS of their intent to drop his/her student from an NUVHS class.

Tuition refunds are determined according to the following requirements:
To receive a full tuition refund (*including digital textbook fee where applicable), the student’s parent/guardian must submit a drop request via email, fax or telephone no later than 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on the seventh calendar day from the day his/her student registers for a class. This date is calculated on the date a student registers and not the date a student actually logs into the course. Students or parents who inform NUVHS of their intent to withdraw their student after the seventh day of class will be ineligible for a tuition refund.