AP Language and Composition A/B

Learning Outcomes

This course prepares students for the Advanced Placement Language and Composition Exam administered each May. Students of this online English course will read, write and discuss prose at an advanced college level while using online resources to develop English language skills including sophisticated use of literary elements and terminology, close readings of various texts, creating, drafting, and editing college-level analytical essays, preparing and writing timed essays, and advanced use and mastery of standard English.

The focus of this English language learning course will be on intensive reading and discussion of prose, as well as an intensive focus on expository writing. Emphasis will be placed on the composition process. Students will explore ideas, reconsider and take risks in their writing, and revise their work. Writing will be informal and formal, personal and reflective. Grammatical conventions and language in prose will be studied and applied, as well as research and the citation process using MLA format. Both primary and secondary sources will be studied and read as a guide for writing.

All courses are written to California Department of Education standards and to national standards, as applicable.