American Government

Learning Outcomes

This required 12th grade college preparatory class addresses state and national academic standards for American Government/Civics coursework.  Topics featured will include: founding philosophies and documents with emphasis on the U.S. Constitution; separation of powers; federalism; civil rights and liberties; civic responsibility; and the American political process highlighting the role of media in today's globally interdependent community.  Students will explore how the U.S. Constitution provides a flexible framework for a dynamic democratic form of government.  This class is conducted in a media-rich online environment that addresses individual learning styles in an interactive format.   Together we will explore and experience how an informed American citizenry exercises civil rights and liberties to participate in the political process thereby securing the blessings of liberty we have enjoyed for nearly two-and-a-half centuries.

All courses are written to California Department of Education
standards and to national standards, as applicable.