Art Foundations A/B

Learning Outcomes

Art Foundations A/B is a lively, inviting, comprehensive course written for beginning level artists. This course includes interactive activities and multicultural studio projects representing a wide variety of cultures, artistic styles and art media. This course is designed to enrich the lives of its participants through discovery and creative problem solving. It provides students with a broader perception of their environment and cultural perspectives. The course was designed around the following key concepts:

• Meaningful, hands-on learning experiences that allow for personal growth and creative expression
• Integration of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and studio production
• Sequentially planned experiences that build on concepts and provide learning opportunities that incorporate a variety of media, artistic styles and historical periods

Throughout this course, students will keep a sketchbook and develop an art portfolio featuring selected works of art. In addition, students will self-examine completed works in an effort to foster a sense of accomplishment and commitment to high standards of art production. This course is written to National Standards for Art Education.