AP Art History A/B

Learning Outcomes

AP Art History A/B is a full year art history course designed to help students develop critical thinking skills while developing an understanding and knowledge of diverse historical and cultural contexts of architecture, sculpture, painting and other art media. Students will analyze major forms of artistic expression from the past through present and from various cultures. While visual analysis is a fundamental tool of the art historian, art history emphasizes an understanding of how and why works of art function in historical context, taking into account patronage, gender, culture, religion, events, politics and more. A meaningful way to experience works of art is learning to frame an understanding that relates how and why works of art communicate visual meaning. In this course, students will pay particular attention to five areas for class discussion: subject matter, function, artistic decision making, contextual analysis, and cultural impact. Contemplating these five factors will help students to see art as a meaningful part of their lives.