Integrated Mathematics III A/B - New

Learning Outcomes

In this year-long Integrated Mathematics III course, students will cover topics over a two semester period (as designated by "A" and "B" sections). Integrated Mathematics III synthesizes previous mathematical learning in four focused areas of instruction. In the first semester of Mathematics III, students relate visual displays and summary statistics to various types of data and to probability distributions with a focus on drawing conclusions. Then, students embark on an in-depth study of polynomial, rational and radical functions. The second semester of Integrated Mathematics III continues to build upon the concepts introduced in the first semester of the course. Students expand on the study of right-angle trigonometry to include non-right triangles and developing the laws of sines and cosines. Finally, students model an array of real-world siutations with all the types of functions they have studied, including work with logarithms to solve exponential equations.

All courses are written to California Department of Education standards and to national standards, as applicable.