Introduction to Sociology

Learning Outcomes

This college preparatory class addresses state and national academic standards for Sociology coursework. Topics featured will include: culture, socialization, social interaction, groups and organizations in society, social deviance, social stratification, global stratification, race and ethnicity, sex and gender roles, family influences, religious influences, educational values, population, environment, and social changes in collective behavior.

This class is conducted in a media-rich online environment that addresses individual learning styles in an interactive format. Students will have the opportunity for self assessment as well as for teacher guidance and assessment throughout the course including the preparation and finalization of two semester Problem Solving Projects, which focus on research, organization, and drafting strategies. The course covers social science terminology, historical and cultural advances in sociology, vocabulary building, test taking strategies, the essay, workplace documents, and projects.

All courses are written to California Department of Education standards and to national standards, as applicable.