Nutrition and Weight Management

Learning Outcomes

This class promotes improving your overall health through developing a fitness and nutrition program. Students will actively participate in the development and comprehension of sport activities. It is primarily designed to help students fulfill the Physical Education portion for a High School diploma. Through time spent in weekly physical activity, application of dietary fundamentals, learning in chat sessions with the instructor, and research for threaded discussions, students will exercise their bodies and their minds and discover that the only true way to reach their ideal weight is through a combination of nutrition and exercise!

This class will provide students with all the necessary information to build a strong foundation for vital health and improved quality of life. Some of the topics covered in this class are the basic principles of fitness and the importance and benefits regular aerobic exercise, diet fads, concepts of weight control through nutrition, vital nutrients and vitamins. Though this program students will understand how to set goals with the intent of preserving and expanding opportunities for healthful, enjoyable physical activity and nutrition practices.

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