Pre-Algebra A/B

Learning Outcomes

Pre-Algebra A

In this Pre-Algebra A course, students will simplify expressions using the order of operations. In this online algebra course, the students will perform operations with integers, fractions and decimals; find prime factorizations, greatest common factors and least common multiples; solve one-step equations, inequalities and proportions; and convert between fractions, decimals and percents.

Pre-Algebra B

In this Pre-Algebra B course, students will solve multi-step equations and inequalities, including those with variables on both sides. They will graph and solve linear equations and inequalities and systems of equations and inequalities. They will classify geometric figures and work with congruency. They will find circumferences, areas, volumes and surface areas. They will use the Pythagorean Theorem and relationships in special triangles. They will find probabilities and will work with functions and polynomials.

All courses are written to California Department of Education
standards and to national standards, as applicable.