Survey of Humanities

Learning Outcomes

The course introduces students to the concept of humanities. Students will compare several different eras of history; how art, literature, music, philosophy, architecture, politics, and religion differ from one era to the next; and the influences those ideas and beliefs have had on history. The course will begin with a comparison of ancient Greece and Rome, and then move through the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance, and the Harlem Renaissance in the United States.

Students will gain an understanding of major historical eras of the Western world in terms of politics, literature, music, and art. The will also learn to interpret the arts as well as compare and contrast pieces from various eras. The following historical eras will be reviewed:

• Ancient Greece
• Ancient Rome
• The Six Major World Religions
• Medieval Era
• Renaissance
• Baroque
• Rococo
• Romantic Era

All courses are written to California Department of Education standards and to national standards, as applicable.