NUVHS Demonstration Courses

Demonstration course coming soon!

Prior to enrolling in an online course students should ask themselves if they are the type of student who would excel in the online environment. Some students prefer to have in-person instruction delivered in a physical classroom at a set time and date. Others prefer to work independently, explore new topics on their own and enjoy working with new technologies.

Students who are successful in the online environment generally do not need a lot of face-to-face interaction and are comfortable with asynchronous communication. They are usually highly motivated and may even complete work before a deadline. While they might value classroom discussions, they are also comfortable looking for answers on their own, and rarely need reminders about deadlines or assignments.

Online courses offered at NUVHS can be completed in an accelerated format, but do not require any less time than an on-campus course. Students should be prepared to spend an average of 12-15 hours per week in their online course--reviewing lectures, completing assignments, participating in discussion boards, taking quizzes, and preparing projects. We recommend working on the online course just about every day and submitting work on a regular basis so that instructors can provide up-to-date feedback and support.

If you have additional questions please contact us at (866) 366-8847 or [email protected].