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Pop Quiz: Is Online Learning Right for You?

Pop Quiz: Is Online Learning Right for You?

Have your student take this quiz to determine whether online courses at NUVHS are right for him or her!

  1. 1. I need to take this course because:
    • A. I’ve got to do something soon or I won’t graduate
    • B. I would be in a way better position for college
    • C. I kind of just want to try it because it looks easy
  2. 2. Having face-to-face interaction with teachers is:
    • A. Meh, not my favorite
    • B. OK, if I must
    • C. Necessary, or seriously nothing will get done
  3. 3. I am someone who completes school work:
    • A. Right away—the earlier the better
    • B. On time, with a few alerts set up on my phone
    • C. Wait…what work?
  4. 4. My feelings about classroom discussions are:
    • A. They are rarely helpful, I prefer studying on my own
    • B. Fine, but I would rather chat or email about the work on my own time
    • C. Love them, couldn’t live without them 
  5. 5. When given a new assignment, I think:
    • A. I got this, I’ll figure it out solo, thanks
    • B. I’ll take a shot at it, then ask questions if needed
    • C. Whoa, can I get some more explanation here, please?
  6. 6. I need instructors to remind me of due dates and assignments:
    • A. Never—I literally never miss a thing
    • B. Sometimes—but have you seen how organized my calendar is?
    • C. Often—Eh, wait, am I supposed to keep track of it all myself?
  7. 7. With my current schedule, I can be studying online:
    • A. Way more often than I am actually in classes
    • B. Pretty much the same amount of time that I am in classes
    • C. Ugh, I am really too busy perfecting my selfie on Snapchat, sorry
  8. 8. My thoughts on using new technologies for school are:
    • A. Cool—I pretty much live on my computer anyway
    • B. Sure—I’m always up to try something new
    • C. Eek—Technology for school freaks me out, I’ll be hiding under my desk now
  9. 9. As a reader, I would classify myself as:
    • A. Bomb—I’m not only speedy, but I rarely need help
    • B. Pretty good—I usually get it, but sometimes need help
    • C. Umm, I need to read this question a few more times

Analyze your results: If you answered mostly A and B, you are highly likely to kill it in online courses with NUVHS!