College and Career Planning

College and Career Planning

Because You’ve Got Goals
At National University Virtual High School, we have a genuine interest in each of our students, and work with them in getting ready for life post-graduation. Planning for the future is a critical part of the high school experience. Students may need to retake a course to improve their academic record, or may choose to take courses that could strengthen their chances for college acceptance.

College Prep
Since college acceptance is more competitive than ever, students can choose to take both college-prep and AP courses to get ahead. We also offer a range of electives for students who are interested in a specific subject that will advance them for a future college major or career.

Planning for college should start early. Students can prepare academically for the college environment with rigorous coursework, by participating in appropriate extracurricular activities, and by applying for any necessary financial aid.

College planning can include:

  • Selecting the correct college-prep and AP courses to meet college entrance requirements
  • Choosing a major area of study
  • Completing entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT
  • Researching prospective colleges

Grade Improvement
Students who receive a poor grade and need to make up a course for graduation, or received a grade that lowered their GPA, can retake courses at NUVHS. We offer all core high school classes that align with the Common Core state standards. Students can continue with their course load at their traditional school, and can simultaneously take additional courses online for grade improvement or to enhance their academic record.

Career Planning
NUVHS students have access to the National University Career Center, which offers:

  • Career exploration – learn about various career paths, employment options, and what it takes to enter a specific career field
  • Career assessments – career, personality, and skill assessment, so students can discover their strengths, assets, and work-setting preferences
  • One-on-one career counseling – trained counselors can help answer any career or college questions

Students can contact us for guidance in college or career planning.