Proctor Information

Proctor Information

National University Virtual High School (NUVHS) exams are completed within the online course and learning management system, and have numerous security features to ensure the integrity of the testing instrument and environment, including single-entry and timed formats.

Although NUVHS does not require proctored exams, it has instituted exam proctoring processes when necessary for credit transfer to a student's home high school. For example, if a student’s home high school requires a proctored exam, NUVHS can ensure proctoring options are available to meet these requirements.

A school administrator or teacher requiring proctoring will need to complete the NUVHS Proctor Forms located on the right of this page. The test proctor and student must both contact the NUVHS Administrative office to request a proctored exam.

If you have any questions please contact (866) 366-8847 or [email protected].

Thank you!