Military Families + International Students

Military Families + International Students

Students on the Move
National University Virtual High School is an excellent way for students in military families, or students living abroad to earn a high school diploma. Oftentimes when a family relocates, students may fall behind, or be too advanced for their next school. Some credits may transfer and others may not. At NUVHS, students have the flexibility to learn and earn their diploma whenever and wherever they want.

Military Family Students
Military families are all too familiar with the relocation process—it just comes with the territory. However, when you have a high school student, moving from city to city across the U.S., or even abroad, could take a toll on his or her education. NUVHS is proud to accommodate service members’ high school students in receiving a quality education that won’t be compromised due to changing cities.

Students simply need access to the right technology to take online courses and stay connected with instructors. When students are able to choose how they learn, they will see remarkable strides in their academic outcomes, and can be confident that a promising future is ahead.

International Students
National University Virtual High School is a private, non-profit high school offering a premier high school online learning experience that meets the demands of 21st century learners. One of the best parts of online education is that students from all over the world can earn a U.S. high school diploma. National University Virtual High School has partnered with both private and public schools and districts across 41 U.S. states and three international locations.

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